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 yoga meets paddleboard 

No need to travel interstate or even overseas, you can have it RIGHT HERE in Melbourne's West: Together with Sun Seekers Melbourne we bring SUP YOGA to Altona!


SUP is short for Stand-Up Paddleboard, which looks a bit like a big surf board. Instead of riding the waves you move forward by using a long paddle, usually on calm waters. This alone is already a great thing to do! Just as yoga, it is peaceful and relaxing yet challenging at the same time - standing upright on a board is not as easy as it looks like!




Even if you already practice yoga regularly and can easily hold balancing poses for a while you will be surprised how difficult it is to do the same moves while floating on the water! As the board is an unstable surface you need to focus on alignment and know your centre of gravity – otherwise you will go overboard. To stabilise your pose and balance the permanent movement of the paddleboard you will use every single muscle, all the time, more than you do on even ground. Plus, you can’t rush through a sequence of asanas. Smooth, fluent transitions from one pose to the other are essential for staying on the board. This makes SUP YOGA a fabulous full-body workout!



You don’t have to be an experienced yogi(ni) to practice SUP YOGA with us. Our sessions are open to all levels. We usually start with easier seated or kneeling positions. Once you feel comfortable on the paddleboard we’ll invite you to try more challenging variations. Eventually, you will be able to move through a sequence of standing poses or even try an arm balance. Yes, you may get wet along the way, but the good thing is, falling won’t hurt!


  • tones every single muscle

  • improves body & breath awareness

  • improves balance & posture

  • takes your regular yoga practice / your paddling skills to the next level

  • calms the mind and improves concentration

  • exposure to nature and the elements is soothing for body, mind & spirit


Time: Sorry, too cold now... SUP-Yoga will be back in October 2019!


Location: Altona Beach (corner Esplanade/Mount St)

Investment: TBA

NOTE: Bookings essential. Places are strictly limited. All bookings have to be made with SUNSEEKERS - please use the button below.

INNER SMILE YOGA students may use their existing passes (no trials; not included in the 21-day yoga challenge), but still need to pay a fee for the board hire. In this case, please contact us directly.

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