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one-on-one & small-group training

by appointment

Improve your physical performance using the power of neuroplasticity!

Your body only performs as well as your brain lets it. If your brain underperforms, your body underperforms, too. Therefore, your brain should be at the heart of everything you do to improve your movement.

By combining the power of neurology with movement, vision, balance and sensory exercises, we can create significant changes.

How does it work? 


Conventional training is usually based on repetition: Practising the same drills/exercises over and over again, until "you've got it right", then increasing speed, load, or the number of reps. Sounds fairly boring, right? 

For your brain it is! It always uses the same information paths - the same road, if you will - but what happens when things don't go to plan?

Let's say you have practised kicking the ball into the goal 1000 times. Now you are on the pitch, in the middle of a soccer game. You can't just do a straight kick! There are too many people around, disturbing you, maybe the pitch is slippery from the rain, you are looking for helpers...


You need to THINK! Quickly. And adapt your action to the situation.


That's where Neurocentric Movement Training comes in!

Adding vision, balance, and sensory exercises to your training improves your brain's ability to analyse and process all INPUT (information) and generate appropriate OUTPUT (movement).


For the soccer game, that means:

INPUT = position on the pitch, potential attackers, slippery surface, ...

OUTPUT = the direction of running, choice of dribbling technique, and how you finally kick the ball into the goal

What means "neuroplasticity"?

When you train your receptive systems, your brain builds many additional paths over time (=neuroplasticity) and can then quickly change to a different, more suitable "route" when needed. In contrary to what you may have learned in school, re-wiring the brain and growing new neural/nerve connections is possible, even at an older age!

Sounds great, but you don't play soccer...?


This type of training is not limited to team sports. The same is valid for all athletes. Runners for example need to deal with different terrains, or may be disturbed by an unexpected obstacle, like someone accidentally stepping into their path. 

While we are focusing on Performance Enhancement & Neuro-Athletic Development, the program is beneficial for all. For detailed information and bookings, please contact



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Introductory session 

60 minutes one-on-one

only $60.00

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