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Yes, of course! We are not looking for the perfect shape. We want you to enjoy movement in your best possible and safest way, no matter if you can touch the toes or need a chair for support. We will guide you through your class, offering adjustments or alternatives where required to keep the practice enjoyable for you.

New students of normal health & fitness can usually attend all classes from the timetable, except "Strength & Focus", which is a more advanced class. 

Before attending a class, please have a look at the class details to find the best match for you.

If you have any health issues, please double-check with your doctor and contact us before attending a class. Together we can find the best possible class for you. During the session, please respect the teacher's advice, even if you feel like you could go deeper into the pose. STOP immediately when experiencing strong discomfort or pain!


At Inner Smile Yoga & Health we offer different yoga styles & class types including pre- and postnatal options. Please read the "class details" as a first step when booking a class. For more info please feel free to contact us. We are happy to explain the differences in detail and find the best possible class for you.

New customers have the opportunity to buy a 1-Month Trial (unlimited yoga). Within this time you can try out all classes from the timetable to find out what style and class time suits you best. For more pricing options click HERE.


If possible, please bring your own mat. Good quality mats are available for purchase at the studio. For new students, or if you have forgotten to bring yours, we have spare mats available. Please clean your mat after use (disinfectant provided).

A bottle of water for refreshment can be helpful. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Socks & a jumper and/or a light blanket help you stay warm in the relaxation.

If you have a voucher, please bring a print-out or provide it on your smartphone/tablet.


Please arrive approx. 10 minutes before the start of the class for registration, especially if you are a new customer, and keep vouchers handy. This gives us time to have a chat with you about your health status and previous yoga experience. The time before the class is also great for you to "arrive on your mat" and get your mind set for the session.

IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE please be aware that the studio door is likely to be locked by the start of the class as our reception is not permanently attended. 


Please keep your voice at a moderate level. Switch off your mobile phones and other devices that may interrupt the session. You are more than welcome to stay a little longer after the class for asking questions or having a chat, but be mindful to not disturb other sessions/treatments.

When entering the studio, please take your shoes off and store your belongings in the white shelf in the hallway. Please be aware that we cannot take responsibility for your items.

If you need to leave early, please inform your teacher before the start of the session when exactly you need to go, and make sure that you leave quietly before the relaxation starts. 

However, please keep in mind that when you leave early you will miss an important part of the class which will affect your yoga experience. We highly recommend to stay until the end, and also to allow yourself a few minutes after the class to "get back into the real world".


Ideally, you do not eat in the 2 hours prior to the class. However, you can have a light meal or a snack if you need. Be aware that we may practise upside-down and prone poses (= lying on the front) or breathing techniques that involve pressure on the belly.

Stay hydrated. You may bring a bottle of water for refreshment in between.

Do not consume alcohol before class and be mindful of medications that cause drowsiness or make you feel light-headed. 


All membership contracts auto-renew at the chosen terms (monthly, quarterly, or yearly, including discounts). For cancellations, please inform us in writing (email), minimum 14 days before the next payment is due.

Suspensions are possible in case of longer illness/injury (doctor's certificate required) or if your work requires you to temporarily move interstate or overseas (please provide proof by your employer). For all suspensions we need a fixed date for when to re-start the membership. We cannot suspend your membership retroactively!

Memberships cannot be transferred to another person.

If you have any further questions regarding your membership please contact us.

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