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Easy to learn, extremely beneficial for the body!

Thursdays 8-9pm & Fridays 6:30-7:45pm

Tibetan Yoga is much older than any other yoga practice that we know. It is most likely the "mother" of all yoga! Similar to what we now know from Ayurveda, ancient Tibetan monks developed movement practices to maintain good health and support healing. A great focus is on syncronizing the movements with the breath, making use of our body's internal pressure systems and activating muscular chains all over the body.

While there are different types of Tibetan yoga, we mainly focus on a simplified form that is easy to learn for all, including absolute beginners. The practice always includes a set of 5 standing moves, which is followed by exercises from one or more movement groups that focus on joint and spinal mobility, the organs, or common health impairments.

Suitable for all, including beginners and those with moderate mobility restrictions. All seated moves can be practiced while sitting on a chair or a large bolster.

Try it yourself - you will be surprised!

Tibetan Yoga
Postnatal | 6-week program
Postnatal course.png

A 6-week Program for New Mums

Next Course: 23. Feb - 12. Apr 2024
FRIDAYS, 11:30am-12:30pm!

The POSTNATAL FOUNDATIONS course is mix of yoga and corrective exercises to balance and strengthen mum's body after having a baby. We may use additional tools like resistance bands or small weights where appropriate. Gradually building up intensity, we prepare you for re-joining regular yoga or exercise classes, but also bring awareness to everyday moves that can be challenging on the postpartum body. 

Apart from toning the body we will also practise some easy breathing and relaxation techniques that can be helpful whenever you need to refresh and recharge during the day. In addition to the in-person classes, you will receive practice ideas to do at home, emailed to you after each session.

Suitable for new mums from approx. 6 weeks postpartum (when all wounds are healed).

Babies welcome!!​

This program includes 

  • 6 in-person sessions at the studio (no class on 08.03. (Labour Day weekend) and 29.03. (Good Friday))

  • weekly practice ideas for your home practice

  • access to short practice videos


INVESTMENT: $199  |  Bookings close 48 hours before the start of the first session.

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