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21 Days. 21 Sessions. 21 Practice Ideas to Do at Home.

02 Jan - 22 Jan 2021


with 21 Days of Mindful Movement​!

Our popular summer challenge returns - but better than before! 


Each day, from 02 January till 22 January, we will explore a different aspect of breathing, movement, and mindfulness, working our way up from toe to top. This program is ideal for you if

  • you are new to yoga or haven't practised for a while, or

  • you are looking to take your current practice to the next level.

Whether you live locally or you would like to join from the distance, we have 3 options for you:


Group Classes + Tutorials

  • access to 21 yoga classes in 21 days (in-person)

  • daily practise tutorials and inspiration per email (see details below)

During the 21-day period, we will offer daily Beach Yoga on Altona Beach in the morning (Mon-Fri 6-7am, Sat & Sun 7-8am). The classes will be built around a THEME OF THE DAY, e.g. "feet" or "grounding".

But if you are not a morning person, or have changing schedules, you can use your ticket for any other class on the schedule. We will carry the theme of the day through all classes (except Pre- & Postnatal Yoga and online LIVE classes). Check the full schedule HERE >>


Emails only | Ideal to top up a BASIC Membership/pass* or just on its own.

  • daily practise tutorials and inspiration per email

  • practice at your own pace

The emails reflect the "Theme of the Day" and will include short videos and/or photos to follow along as well as a collection of the most important facts/concepts around yoga & movement:

  • practice ideas that help you improve body & breath awareness, mobility, and strength

  • an introduction into body mechanics

  • a deeper understanding of the most common moves and poses in yoga and how to practise them safely (incl. modifications)


All inclusive. No fuss.


As a PREMIUM Member, you have full access to the challenge at no extra cost:

  • unlimited yoga (you may even do more than 21 classes in 21 days!)

  • access to both in-person & online classes (incl. on-demand)

  • daily email tutorials & inspiration


Just let us know if you would like to receive the daily emails - we don't want to spam your mailbox!

Learn more about our membership options >>

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